Occupied Home Staging Gallery


Stage and Amaze loves working on Occupied Properties. We love trying to use what you own, rearranging and showcasing existing elements to showcase features of the home buyers will love. Sometimes, we do suggest rental of accessories to accompany. Note: Depending on the target market and demographics, we may suggest rental furniture pieces to accent occupied rooms.


"Adriana did a fantastic job! One of the best features was we did a complete walk around of the house and she listed everything she thought needed to be done. I then had a chance to do most of it myself and that got the house ready even faster (and suit saved me a few $). The house looked (and photographed) amazing! I sold the house for more than I paid for it 7.5 years ago, which is pretty darned amazing considering how real estate values tanked in my area. I'm sure the quick sale at a good price had a lot to do with the excellent staging process."

Stephen Jamison – Cape Coral FL
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