From Challenging Places To Amazing Spaces

After years working as a professional home stager in SWFL, I’ve come across several spaces that were extra challenging to create a design plan for. But nothing that a good staging plan can’t take care of!! Below are some examples of how every space, no matter how big, small or awkward, can turn into a beautifully designed space that potential buyers can appreciate.

challenge1This is the narrowest living room that we have staged so far. This is an older home in SW Cape Coral that underwent a total renovation, which resulted in a beautiful open concept kitchen but a narrow living room. By carefully selecting and placing the right size furniture, we created a space that felt much larger and where buyers could envision themselves living in.


challenge2When walking from the dining room (see room with French doors), this room was a big space in the middle of the entrance to the guest bedrooms, making it feel awkward with all the different flow through areas surrounding it. The challenge was the amount of doors and little wall space to place furniture against. We decided to create an office that kept the flow to the bedrooms with this arrangement of desk, chairs and accent table. We now created a valuable workspace that people can appreciate and visualize them selves living in.

challenge3This older SW Cape Coral home went through a total renovation, which resulted in a small awkward space to the right of the house as soon as you walked in. This space was on the way to the hallway that goes to the rooms, so there was not enough space for a couch.  We created a reading nook with two accent chairs and a table, perfect for morning coffee or just hang out in. This property sold in 1 day once listed!

challenge4Here is a beautiful high-end home in prestigious Catalpa Cove in South Fort Myers. To the left is the first impression of the house as soon as you walked into the house. The room felt incredibly large and intimidating to buyers, leaving them with no clear idea of how to place furniture. Plus the large built-in bookcase to the left made this a challenging space for furniture arrangement. We created a beautiful living room with proper flow, where potential buyers could visualize themselves having a conversation or entertaining, and added hand picked accessories to the bookcase to make it the focal point of the room. This property sold in 3 weeks after it had been listed for almost one year!



It is incredible how spaces that first seem challenging, can become ones that you appreciate the most when carefully designed. If you have a property that you know has a challenging area where buyers may have a hard time envisioning what to do with the space, layout or functionality, call us at 239-738-0951.


For more information on professional home staging in SWFL, contact Stage & Amaze LLC. We are SWFL’s premier home staging company that has the expertise, talent and resources to give any vacant or occupied home, the appeal buyers are looking for. Contact us today for more information on our staging services at 239-738-0951.

HomeStagerSAFrom Challenging Places To Amazing Spaces

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  1. Linda Bellomo

    Good Morning Adriana,

    We moved to Gateway in Fort Myers last year and need to decorate our home. We are not looking to sell it but wondered if you also aid in decorating a home. We have no skill at this and prefer not to waste time and money on the wrong things. If you would be interested in helping us, please contact me at 816-804-9763 and we can set up an appointment. Thank you for your time. Linda Bellomo

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