With more buyers expecting to buy move-in ready homes and as they become more aware of what to expect in a home, more Realtors and sellers are turning to home staging to help them differentiate their homes from the competition. But what are the real benefits of home staging from a Realtor’s standpoint? Is it really necessary to stage a home these days in the market? The answer is YES!! Because no one gets a second chance to create a first impression!

The traditional real estate approach suggests that the only way to generate new interest in your home is to drop the price, which will attract a different group of potential buyers and will reduce your client’s bottom line and your commission. The longer a home sits on the market, the more price reductions it is likely to endure and the buyer’s perception of value will drop as they start to wonder why the home is not selling. Instead, try a different approach by suggesting to your clients a different marketing approach that is proven to wok: HOME STAGING!

Here is how home staging will benefit YOU as a Real Estate Professional:

– Your image and professionalism – after all, your represent the property you list. If it looks great and sells faster and for more money, it will be noticed by other agents, as well as future clients who will want to list with you.

– Allows you to focus on your core business – listing and negotiating the sale of a property is what you do, not helping clients with detailed suggestions on what needs to be done and how to do it. Home Staging will prepare your listing for showings; all you’ll have to do is Sell It!

– Avoid delicate situations – A professional home stager may be able to say things to a home seller that a Realtor may not be able to without jeopardizing the relationship with the client (like odors, dirt, outdated décor, etc). A home seller expects design advice from a home stager and usually welcomes it.

– Faster turnover of your listings – you will spend less time, effort and money per listing and will increase your earnings by turning the properties over quicker.


– Distinct marketing advantage – Having a professional home stager on a Realtor’s team is a positive marketing tool to gain more home selling clients in today’s competitive market. If you don’t offer staging as part of your services, other realtors will! Clients might make their listing decision based on the increased value you will bring to their home – after all, the home owner’s biggest goal is to get the most money for their property.


– Positive advice – A home seller who has paid for home staging services will be more likely to listen to the advice of their Realtor regarding price and marketing of their home and also are more likely to implement staging suggestions.


– Better than a price reduction – investment in staging is far less than the cost of a price reduction. A client will probably not be too happy if you suggest a price reduction – try explaining the benefits of home staging instead.


– Gain referrals and repeat business – amazing turnover time help agents gain impressive statistics that will help them sell themselves to homeowners, as well as get referrals from previous clients.

Now what about the benefits of home staging from the perspective of your seller clients?

  • Staged homes sell up to 72% faster and up to 17% higher than a non-staged homes.
  • Staged homes appeal to a broader range of buyers
  • The more attractive a home shows, the more desirable people will perceive it to be. This drives up the number of offers and the price of the offers.
  • Building inspectors view staged homes as well cared for and therefore often get better appraisal values.
  • A professionally staged home will present better on the MLS, the home will sell faster because it shows better.

With this in mind, is it worth waiting to home stage? Remember, the investment in staging is FAR LESS than the cost of a price reduction, so why wait?

For more information on professional home staging in SWFL, contact Stage & Amaze LLC. We are SWFL’s premier home staging company that has the expertise, talent and resources to give any vacant or occupied home, the appeal buyers are looking for. Contact us today for more information on our staging services at 239-738-0951.


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  1. Fern Dumas

    re: 17750 grande Bayou Court:
    We already have 1 queen size bed on the premises 2 night stands
    tall chest of 4 drawers
    a dinning room table and 4 chairs which can go back in the lani
    1 queen hide a bed couch
    1 coffee table and end table ( wicker )
    1 big L shaped desk
    may or may not be incorporated into staging
    a few paintings on the wall
    Would look to having this done ASAP
    If the staging works then I should not need it for more than a few weeks
    In any case , We can go with February 27 as removal date
    IF SOMEONE WANTS TO BUY FURNISHED – then removal will not be required
    Fern Dumas 705-805-0940

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